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Beautiful aqua colored earrings with green accents and a matching pendant

Artistryand1 earrings are created by fusing handmade glass or upcycling materials that would otherwise end up in our landfills.

Purse Hangers

The jeweled end of a purse hanger

Our fused glass ‘Purse Hangers’ are not only a stylish solution for keeping your purse/designer handbag off the ground, but the sturdiest hook available (holding up to 30 lbs!)

Special Herb Tiles

A glass tile with the word basil on it

Our ‘Garden Tiles’ are fused glass then hand painted to identify newly planted herbs.

Glass Holiday Ornaments

A glass star Holiday ornament

Collectable Holiday Ornaments have become an annual tradition. We not only offer a creative twist to a basic shape but each year design a unique and original ornament to add to your Artistryand1 Collection.

Hand Drawn Plantable Cards

hand drawn flowers on white cards that you can plant to grow flowers

Artistryand1 greeting cards are individually hand painted on a plantable eco-friendly card embedded with wild flower seeds so you are not only giving a card but flowers TOO!