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A look at some work in progress glass art and the tools to make it

What is your production method?

Our final pieces are hand painted and/or fused with glass produced by skilled craftspeople right here in the USA. The glass is hand-cut, sanded, and layered with complimentary colors then kiln fired up to 1500 degrees. All our products are created in our Idaho studio by combining various materials which include kiln-glass, recycled glass, wire, metal, wood, and plastic. The metal pieces are hand cut, hammered, sanded, drilled and manipulated to create that one-of-a -kind look. The painted items are a combination of pastels, colored pencils, markers, acrylics, and/or enamels.

These pieces cannot be replicated due to the process of painting by hand or using hand made glass. Variations in thickness, texture and size, as well as air bubbles that may appear are characteristic features and beauty of hand workmanship.